YARD-Hotel Grande Bretagne

Hotel Grande Bretagne "A Year of Always Grand Celebrations"

Client: Hotel Grande Bretagne
Year: 2024

In 2024, the Hotel Grande Bretagne celebrated its 150th anniversary, serving as the gold standard for unparalleled opulence, haute aesthetics, and impeccable Greek hospitality.

This significant anniversary was marked by a series of original festive events throughout 2024.

The goal was to open the doors of the Hotel; offering a glimpse into its unique realm and providing people with the opportunity to discover more about its distinctive spaces and rich history.


The first task was to design the bespoke anniversary logo and identity.

For this, we were inspired by the Hotel’s very own architecture.

The logo was accompanied by the anniversary tagline “ALWAYS GRAND,” as a testament to its timeless grandeur.

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Between February 11-18, the first event took place.

We were assigned with the concept, design, planning, and execution of the immersive exhibition “A Journey Through Time: The Immersive Experience”.

Original music, 2D and 3D animations inspired by real objects, faces, architectural designs, and archival photos were all tied together with the narrator’s voiceover.

The compositions were created using special 3D techniques, highlighting significant events in a unique, projective display that spread throughout the Grand Ballroom.

The immersive audiovisual narrative showcased the Hotel’s 150-year history using cutting-edge projection mapping technology on multiple surfaces.


On March 12th, the second event took place.

The “Almond Blossom Ball” was revived, a landmark event for the Hotel, held in collaboration with Vogue Greece on the occasion of the publication’s 5-year old anniversary.

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Attended by 250 elite guests, the event featured a 1930s-inspired dress code.

The concept and ambiance included references to the revival of the gala dinner party, with the art de la table as a central element of interest.

Compositions of almond branches and candles complemented the atmosphere, creating a modern and luxurious setting for the dinner.

The evening concluded with an uplighting after-party, featuring musical performances by Katerina Duska and Leon of Athens, performing a mix of 1930s jazz and modern tunes.


The highlight of the festivities was the premiere of the Hotel’s historic documentary at the Pallas Theater on April 9th, showcasing its history from inception to the present day.

Τhe date was chosen accordingly, as on April 9, 1874, the official operation of the Hotel began.

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Following the documentary premiere, 1000 VIP guests walked the red carpet on Panepistimiou Street, all the way the Pallas Theater to the Hotel’s entrance, and had the opportunity to experience its warm hospitality.

Guests reveled in an array of culinary delights throughout the Hotel, which had been opened especially for the public and richly decorated with impressive scenography evoking the ambiance of another era.

Particular emphasis was placed on the culinary offerings, with award-winning executive chef Asterios Koustoudis focusing on anniversary dishes and the revival of iconic recipes, all based on the finest Greek products, seasonality, and sustainability.


The dishes were presented in a 10-meter buffet inside the Grand Ballroom and at various other points in the hotel, specially designed for the occasion.

A live performance by two dancers on a specially constructed red staircase, along with music from a live orchestra and musical performers, further showcased the style and elegance of the event.

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