Client: Le Spot Group Albania
Year: 2019

JUTH, a youth marketing initiative introduced by Vodafone in Albania, took center stage with a vibrant it-party hosted by LeSpot Group Albania. This engaging campaign invited teenagers to join the ultimate city bash, showcased on Instagram and various bus stops through compelling call-to-action messages and teaser details about the featured artists. To gain access, participants were prompted to download the JUTH app, securing their invitation to the event.

Charged with the design, planning, production, and execution of the grand affair, our mission was to transform a monumentally significant venue into the ultimate party hub, drawing over 6000 enthusiastic attendees.

The exterior of the building underwent a creative metamorphosis, featuring 17-meter-high asymmetric panels adorned with embedded LED monitors, enabling street viewers to catch glimpses of the lively event. Dominating the entrance was a custom square-shaped disco ball, proudly displaying the JUTH logo in neon on each side.

Inside the venue, guests traversed an interactive hallway illuminated by robotic lights synchronized to the tempo of a mysterious tune, heightening the anticipation. LED tubes lining the path changed colors in sync with the party’s dynamics.

The main area boasted extensive black surfaces adorned with custom LED installations, contributing to a mesmerizing light show in harmony with the music, reaching its climax during the event. The main stage followed a similar design logic, with lights surrounding a 100sq LED screen, reacting dynamically to the overall light show and on-stage performances.

Branding was seamlessly integrated, featuring abstract videos on LED screens and expansive collages posted on venue surfaces. Numerous photo booths, equipped with creative installations and props, were strategically placed, allowing attendees to capture and share their memorable moments on social media. The JUTH it-party stood as a testament to the successful fusion of youth marketing, technology, and creativity, creating an unforgettable experience for all participants.

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