YARD-NBG Rebranding Event

NBG Rebranding Event

Client: National Bank of Greece
Year: 2024

The Launch Event for the new National Bank of Greece identity, after 183 years, took place on February 5, 2024, at the Athens Old Stock Exchange Hall, where the new corporate identity of the bank was presented to 200 VIP attendees.

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In order to provide a distinctive and unique visual experience to the audience, we designed, planned, and installed a premium HD LED screen with a total dimension of 220 square meters – 55 meters in width and 4 meters in height.


For the purpose of unveiling the new identity, we designed, filmed, and produced for the first time ever, a 21K resolution film with custom-tailored footage directed by Alexandros Maragos, as well as animated screen materials with adaptations of the new logo.

The LED screen offered the audience a magnificent view and created a unique experience where they could almost become part of the scenery. Our main goal was to create an immersive experience of 21K visuals and to fully capitalise on the visual performance of the display.
YARD-Presentation of the New Lighting of the Acropolis of Athens
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