YARD-NIKE We Run Athens 2013

NIKE We Run Athens 2013

Client: NIKE Hellas
Year: 2013

Challenge: Elevating the "We Run Athens 10K" race following its inaugural success in 2012 presented a unique challenge: to enhance the event while preserving its core elements – the established route, location, and foundational aspects. Our vision was to transform the race into a more immersive, powerful, and expansive experience for all participants, without altering the essence that made it a success.

The revitalization of the event centered on the concept of division and friendly competition among runners, categorized into North, Center, and South teams. This division was not just a mere organizational tool but a means to inject a spirited rivalry and a sense of belonging among the participants, fostering a community atmosphere throughout the event.

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To bring this concept to life, we enlisted the help of notable personalities Afroditi Simiti, Giorgos Chraniotis, and Antinoos Albanis. These hosts were instrumental in guiding the runners, not just physically through the race route, but emotionally and experientially, connecting them with the unique points of interest specially crafted for the event. Their presence added a layer of excitement and engagement, making the participants feel like they were part of something larger than just a race.

At Zappeion, where the event hub was located, and along the race route, various points of interest were designed to enhance the runners’ experience. These were not merely physical markers but experiential stations that offered insights, encouragement, and entertainment, tailored to highlight the rivalry themes and the collective spirit of the race.

This approach to reimagining the “We Run Athens 10K” race was aimed at making the event more than just a physical challenge; it was transformed into a comprehensive experience that engaged the participants’ competitive spirits, sense of community, and connection to the city itself. By building around the North, Center, South division, the event fostered a lively atmosphere that encouraged personal bests, teamwork, and memorable moments, setting a new standard for what a city race can be.

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