YARD-NIKE ZOOM FREAK 1 Global Launch International Press Event

NIKE ZOOM FREAK 1 Global Launch International Press Event

Client: NIKE
Year: 2019

We were entrusted with the design and execution of the production for the main international press event for the Nike Zoom Freak1 Launch. The event welcomed approximately 150 guests seated on a semi-circular bleacher meticulously crafted to mirror the shape of the Peristilio.

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At the heart of the Peristilion, we constructed an impressive circular stage for the speakers, adorned with a unique pedestal resembling the Doric columns that define the architecture of the Peristilion. To showcase the new Zoom Freak1 shoes, we fashioned four distinctive pedestals, incorporating 3D elements from the shoe’s design story.

Enhancing the perimeter of the Peristilio, we adorned it with extra-large printed banners featuring the key artwork for the Nike Zoom Freak, creating a 360-degree experience for the guests that seamlessly blended the monumental with the contemporary.

Event Awards 2020
Event Marketer of the Year
Platinum - Corporate Events
Gold - Corporate Events
Gold - Event Partners/Suppliers/ Stage Design/ Booth Design
Ermis Awards 2019
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