YARD-NIKE ZOOM FREAK 1 Global Launch Mount Olympus Campaign Video

NIKE ZOOM FREAK 1 Global Launch Mount Olympus Campaign Video

Client: NIKE
Year: 2019

Commissioned by NIKE and Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, we took on the planning, production design, and execution of the ad campaign video released just days before the official launch of Giannis' signature shoe, Zoom Freak I.

In a bold and unprecedented move, we created a distinctive basketball hoop perched atop Mount Olympus, one of the highest points in Greece and the mythical home of the Greek Gods, standing at an altitude of 2911 meters.

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The specially designed hoop, strategically placed with the assistance of a helicopter and a dedicated on-site production team of 35 people, was engineered to withstand the unpredictable mountain weather. The main challenge lay in the weather’s volatility, allowing the crew a mere 5 hours to set up the hoop, capture the film, and safely transfer the hoop back to base camp.

Despite these challenges, the resulting film went viral worldwide, gaining significant traction following Giannis’s MVP announcement and becoming a testament to the extraordinary lengths taken to celebrate the launch of the Zoom Freak I.

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