YARD-Onassis National Transplant Centre Press Event

Onassis National Transplant Centre Press Event

Client: Onassis Foundation
Year: 2018

For the significant unveiling of the Onassis National Transplant Centre by the Onassis Foundation on October 31, 2018, our team was tasked with creating a visual identity that would not only honor the foundation's legacy but also herald its future endeavors in health and culture. The design challenge was to encapsulate the essence of the new initiative, aligning with the newly introduced logos of the OCSC and its sister-hospital, the ONTRC, under the encompassing motto “It’s a matter of Health. It’s a matter of Culture.”

The design for the podium and the stage centerpiece drew direct inspiration from the Greek letter “Ω” (omega), a symbol intricately linked to the name “Onassis” and prominently featured in both logos. This design choice served not only as a visual nod to the Onassis heritage but also as a unifying motif that bridged the foundation’s philanthropic efforts in both health and culture.

To enhance the presentation’s dynamic and engaging nature, we incorporated three LED screens. These screens offered the flexibility to operate both as a unified display and as individual units, providing a versatile backdrop for the event. The screens debuted with an impressive 3D animated video that eloquently introduced the subject of the evening, setting a high standard for the presentations that followed.

The evening was gracefully hosted by Mrs. Popi Tsapanidou, who welcomed the President of the Onassis Foundation, Dr. Anthony S. Papadimitriou. Under her moderation, a panel of esteemed figures from the medical community, with a particular focus on transplantation, shared their insights. This discussion not only highlighted the critical importance of the new transplant center but also underscored the Onassis Foundation’s commitment to contributing to health and culture, embodying the event’s motto.

Through thoughtful design and strategic planning, the event successfully conveyed the Onassis Foundation’s vision for the Onassis National Transplant Center, marking a new chapter in the foundation’s enduring legacy of philanthropy and societal contribution.

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