YARD-Welcome New Nova

Welcome New Nova

Client: Nova
Year: 2023

After a year of intense procedures, the merger of Nova and Wind was finalised. On 11.1.23, NOVA emerged as the new strong 360 telco & TV provider in Greece. We were tasked to design, organise and execute a big celebration that would mirror the company’s new profile and introduce the new NOVA to their employees, clients, collaborators and members of the Press.

The Faliron Olympic Sports Complex was chosen as the venue with the capacity and best accessibility tp accomodate 1,500 guests. The stadium’s arena gave us an ideal blank canvas to work with. Building the event space from scratch, we chose to create an area of 2,500 sq.m. and were able to play with patterns, shiny surfaces, natural elements to fashion a modern and warm space. The stage was built to a staggering 160 sq.m, completed by an impressive LED screen, which acted as an animated background that kept transforming the setup throughout the night. Three more LED screens were placed around the space, encompassing the crowd in an ever-moving surrounding.

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Creatively, we used 3D animated patterns and visuals that corresponded to the company’s ATL campaign. Moreover, a vibrant original electronic music track was composed and then adapted to fit all material and parts of the event’s flow. The opening of the event was designed in a way that would highten the senses, create amazement and keep the audience excited, by creating and releasing feelings of tension throughout the 7-minute show.

The event kicked off with a bespoke opening act, where three drummers performed “in conversation” using elements of the original score as their musical background and inserting electronic sounds and samples into their sound. The act culminated into a full minute where all three drummers performed together, bringing the mood into the first high point. Their act was followed by a full 2-minute laser and light show. Every part of the venue was used as the canvas where the lights moved and transformed on the original music. Finally, a video projected around the venue, highlighted the new era of the company and all its new values. After short speeches by the company’s executives, the celebration was well underway with a fiery DJ set and live performances by Tamta and MΕLISSES.

To document every possible aspect of the event, we used a multi-camera filming crew that also included a FPV drone that took flight throughout the night and a crane, which succeeded in capturing unique shots of the arena, stage and crowd.

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