YARD-90 Years Shell

90 Years Shell

Client: Momentum Athens for Shell
Year: 2016

Challenge: To conceptualize and produce a musical theatre play, we assembled a talented cast of 7 actors and actresses, alongside 3 vocalists, accompanied by a live orchestra of 8 musicians.

YARD-90_years_shell_video Play

The play, rooted in an original script, draws inspiration from the significant milestones of our company’s journey in Greece. An original song, crafted specifically for this production, serves as both the opening and closing motif, encapsulating the essence of the play.

Furthermore, the production’s unique atmosphere is brought to life through impressive scenography and dynamic lighting design, each tailored to enhance the narrative of the play.

YARD-DIMAND Media Event @ “FIX” Thessaloniki
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DIMAND Media Event @ “FIX” Thessaloniki