YARD-DIMAND Media Event @ “FIX” Thessaloniki

DIMAND Media Event @ “FIX” Thessaloniki

Client: V+O for DIMAND
Year: 2023

DIMAND is reshaping Thessaloniki's West Entrance with a transformative urban renewal initiative at the historic 'FIX' factory. In collaboration with V+O, YARD orchestrated a comprehensive approach, conceptualizing, organizing, planning, producing, and executing a remarkable media event at the iconic 'FIX' site. The event drew 400 esteemed VIP guests, including the Prime Minister, political leaders, local stakeholders, partners, and members of the media.

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Our design seamlessly blended sleek visuals, drawing inspiration from the linear architectural essence of the factory and integrating DIMAND’s distinctive color palette. The industrial-inspired scenography, coupled with a custom-made wooden gate, served as key elements in creating an impactful scene. Set constructions and color modifications prominently featured the DIMAND logo, aligning with the event’s message to symbolize optimism and establish an aesthetic atmosphere.

The long-dormant factory came to life after many years with the strategic placement of over 250 lighting fixtures around the perimeter, inside the factory, and along adjacent sidewalks. This lighting not only accentuated the building itself but also highlighted its architectural character, infusing magic into the special evening and symbolizing a bright future.

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