YARD-Christmas in Athens

Christmas in Athens

Client: Municipality of Athens
Year: 2009

In collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, we were tasked to conceive and bring to life a high-profile event that not only captivates but also emphasizes sustainability. This initiative unfolded over 25 days in the iconic Syntagma Square, featuring a groundbreaking, eco-friendly concept. Our vision was brought to life through innovative lighting, imaginative set designs, and large-scale installations, transforming the square into a beacon of eco-consciousness and creativity.

Concurrently, Zappeion hosted a complementary event, designed to capture the world’s attention with its interactive content tailored for children aged 5 to 14. This parallel setup was not just a space but an experience, offering 500 theatrical performances and 500 music workshops, each crafted to educate, entertain, and inspire the young minds of our future generations.

The dual venues, each with their distinct focus yet united in theme, showcased our commitment to fostering environmental awareness, cultural engagement, and educational opportunities, setting a new standard for event execution in the heart of Athens.

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