YARD-DEI Retail Rebranding Design & Construction

DEI Retail Rebranding Design & Construction

Client: DEI / DDB Athens
Year: 2020

In 2020, in collaboration with DDB Athens, we undertook the mission to propel DEI's retail spaces into the new era following their significant rebranding. The concept design took into account the major shifts in the company's work culture and customer interactions, prioritizing environmentally friendly materials for both sustainability and visitor well-being.

The dynamic design strategically employed different materials to allocate spaces for employees and clients, reflecting the changes in the company’s approach. Presenting the new brand identity involved incorporating decorative elements and digital media, with a redesigned store facade to provide a modern welcome for visitors.

Key elements of the new design included a lighting centerpiece inspired by the company’s round logo and colors, customer service furniture echoing the lighting patterns in the new corporate identity, and a fresh remodel of employee work and rest areas—a first in DEI’s history.

Following the completion of the concept design within a few months, we were entrusted with bringing the concept to life in DEI’s inaugural model store in Maroussi, Athens. Collaborating closely with architects, mechanical engineers, and DEI’s housing department, we successfully transformed the store from an outdated venue into a retail space befitting the company’s forward-looking vision. Construction concluded in under three months, involving the replacement of all electrical, lighting, and air-conditioning equipment, along with a comprehensive remodeling of both interior and exterior spaces.

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