YARD-ELVAL @Aluminium Expo 2022

ELVAL @Aluminium Expo 2022

Client: ELVAL
Year: 2022

The Aluminium Expo, Greece's premier annual event in the sector, provided a stage for us to showcase ELVAL, a global leader in the aluminium rolling industry. Our mission was to design and construct an exhibit that not only stood out but also underscored ELVAL's commitment to quality, versatility, and sustainability in aluminium production.

Our design concept centered on a striking hanging sculpture, embodying the infinity symbol to represent the perpetual cycle of recycling. Positioned to be visible throughout the expo hall, this sculpture boldly marked ELVAL's leading stance in the industry.

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To illustrate ELVAL’s adherence to high-quality processes and its alignment with industry trends, we employed a large LED screen. At the heart of the exhibit, two elongated tables showcased the application of ELVAL’s aluminium across four key markets. This was achieved through engaging original videos that wove in the infinity theme, complemented by 3D printed props that brought these applications to life.

The exhibit was designed to be welcoming and functional; guests could engage in brief meetings at the bar and lounge areas, all within an environment enhanced by thoughtful plant arrangements. A centerpiece of this botanical display was a specially modified tree, symbolizing the harmony between aluminium and nature.

A unique aspect of our construction was the innovative use of ELVAL’s aluminium sheets, applying them in unconventional ways across all furnishings to create a distinct look and feel throughout the space. This design choice not only demonstrated the material’s versatility but also its aesthetic potential, leaving a lasting impression on expo attendees.

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