YARD-EquiFund - The European Investment Fund

EquiFund - The European Investment Fund

Client: The European Investment Fund
Year: 2018

The European Investment Fund enlisted our expertise to design, implement, coordinate, and produce a conference at the Onassis Cultural Centre. The focus of the event was the presentation of EquiFund, a fund of funds set to infuse over 300 million euros into the Greek SME and Start-up ecosystems. Our approach involved crafting a modern and dynamic stage design that prioritized sophisticated lighting, ensuring that speakers and panel participants took center stage. The set, while relatively simple, was intentionally designed to direct attention towards the key figures.

Beyond the main hall, we strategically branded areas of the Onassis Cultural Centre, showcasing the campaign prepared for the event and providing ample space for people to circulate and engage in networking sessions during breaks. Executing the setup within a mere 6 hours posed the greatest challenge, one that we successfully met.

With over 1200 pre-registrations through a dedicated event website and registration process, a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, fund managers, researchers, and public servants was expected. The actual attendance at the event reached approximately 1000 people, filling both the main stage of the OCC and a secondary stage with a live feed. For those unable to attend, a livestream was made available on EquiFund’s website.

The event garnered extensive media coverage, amplified by the presence of the Prime Minister who participated in a Q&A session. The European Investment Fund, along with the Government, the Onassis Foundation, and NBG, sponsors of the event, expressed pride in the impactful results achieved. EquiFund’s case, presented to the Greek diaspora in over 12 countries through the live feed, underscored the success and significance of the initiative.

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