YARD-Glow Magazine Pop Up Store

Glow Magazine Pop Up Store

Client: Glow Magazine
Year: 2014

In celebration of the 100th issue of Glow Magazine, we were tasked with designing and producing an original pop-up store that encapsulated the magazine's essence in a physical space. Our vision was straightforward yet ambitious: to create a contemporary, immersive environment that brought the magazine's content to life in an interactive manner.

At the heart of our design was a specially conceived room, adaptable to host a diverse array of events. This flexibility was achieved through custom-made, multifunctional furniture designed to effortlessly transform the space to meet varying requirements, from workshops and presentations to social gatherings.

The centerpiece of the pop-up store was the main hall, ingeniously designed to accommodate the Shop. This area featured over 50 unique items, each carefully crafted by talented Greek designers. These exclusive pieces not only celebrated the creativity and innovation synonymous with Glow Magazine but also served a noble purpose. All proceeds from the sales were dedicated to supporting a children’s NGO, underscoring our commitment to community engagement and social responsibility.

This pop-up store was not just a retail space but a dynamic celebration of Glow Magazine’s milestone, reflecting its commitment to creativity, design, and philanthropy.

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