YARD-Google 15 Years

Google 15 Years

Client: Google
Year: 2023

Challenge: On November 30th, Google marked a significant milestone, celebrating its15th anniversary in Greece with a special event at Kapnergostasion. The theme,'Together,' beautifully encapsulated the enduring and fruitful partnership between Google and Greece, reflecting on a decade and a half of mutual growth, technological advancements, and shared successes.

The event drew over 250 attendees, including key figures from the tech industry, government officials, and enthusiasts, all gathered to acknowledge and celebrate Google's commitment and contributions to Greece. Interactive demonstrations were a core feature, allowing guests to delve into Google's technological advancements firsthand. These exhibits not only showcased Google's milestones in Greece but also highlighted the impact of these innovations on various sectors, including business, education, and culture.

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A pivotal moment of the celebration was the discussion panel, which brought together Greece’s Prime Minister and Yossi Matias, Google’s Vice President of Engineering and Research. Moderated by Peggy Antonakou, Head of Google in Southeast Europe, the panel shed light on crucial topics such as the ongoing digital transformation in Greece, the importance of technological education, and the need for skill enhancement to navigate and thrive in the digital era.

This event not only commemorated Google’s 15-year journey in Greece but also underscored the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving forward Greece’s digital landscape. It was a testament to Google’s role in fostering technological advancement and digital literacy in the country, paving the way for a future where technology and progress go hand in hand.

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