YARD-Google “Athens. The city is the Museum.

Google “Athens. The city is the Museum." Media Event

Client: Google Greece in collaboration with SGT Tsomokos
Year: 2022

On November 10th, 2022, YARD, in partnership with Tsomokos Communications, orchestrated the media event to unveil "Athens. The city is the museum.", a groundbreaking project by Google in collaboration with the City of Athens. This initiative introduced curated audio walks, a novel concept leveraging Google Maps and immersive soundscapes to offer a transformative exploration of Athens.

Our goal was to encapsulate the essence of urban Athenian life within a minimalist yet eco-friendly setting at Bios Urban Space. The event’s design was meticulously planned to reflect the project’s brand identity and the innovative nature of the audio walks. We aimed to create an environment that not only facilitated the exclusive screening of launch films and enriched the content of keynote speeches but also resonated with the thematic core of the project.

The event garnered the attention of esteemed guests, including the Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias; the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis; Google’s General Manager for SE Europe, Peggy Antonakou; and Creative Director of Google, Steve Vranakis. Together with over 100 VIPs from media and local sectors, they experienced a unique setting that perfectly complemented the unveiling of a project set to redefine the cultural and touristic experience of Athens.

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