NIKE Air Max Day

Client: NIKE
Year: 2016

Elevating the "Air Max Day" celebration, our goal was to create an unparalleled launch experience for the new Vapormax shoe, truly embodying the essence of the Air Max brand's focus on lightness and innovation. The event's design was meticulously planned to evoke an airy sensation, seamlessly integrating the product's unique features into the event atmosphere.

Central to our scenography was a captivating photography exhibition, showcasing 5 unique aerial photographs. These shots, expertly captured by drone by the renowned photographer and architect Costa Spathi, aka Spathumpa, featured 5 beloved locations selected by NIKE's top 5 influencers: YATZER, MIKRI OLLANDEZA, YOULIKA SKAFIDA, SAME84, and ANASTASIA KARAKATSANI. Each photograph was framed in custom-made backlit constructions, highlighting the images' breathtaking perspectives and serving as the event's visual focal point.

The Vapormax launch was the event’s crowning moment, designed to leave an indelible impression on the audience. In a dramatic reveal, the new shoe was flown in by a drone, captivating the attendees as it gracefully descended onto an illuminated platform at the center of the venue. This memorable presentation not only showcased the Vapormax’s cutting-edge design but also its embodiment of the Air Max brand’s innovative spirit.

To enhance the guest experience further, the event featured various interactive and shareable elements. A balloon photobooth provided a playful, engaging activity for attendees, while the ground-to-top floor installations of balloons and posters created an immersive environment that encouraged exploration and interaction. These elements, combined with the strategic use of space and light, created a dynamic and memorable atmosphere that perfectly complemented the Vapormax launch, making this Air Max Day celebration a truly unprecedented event.

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