YARD-NIKE Women Club Launch

NIKE Women Club Launch

Client: NIKE Hellas
Year: 2015

Challenge: For the launch of the NIKE Women Club in Greece, our objective was to craft an event that not only showcased the innovation and community spirit of NIKE but also empowered and engaged women in fitness and wellness. To achieve this, we meticulously planned and executed a specialized event that introduced 50 women to the NIKE Training Club (N+TC) app through an immersive and intense training session tailored just for them.

The venue was transformed into a contemporary, inviting space designed exclusively for this event, ensuring that every element resonated with the energy and ethos of the NIKE Women Club. The setup facilitated a perfect blend of technology, fitness, and community, enabling participants to fully engage with the N+TC app's features and benefits under the guidance of professional trainers.

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Product placement was handled creatively, with an emphasis on both aesthetics and accessibility. This approach allowed guests and media to explore NIKE’s latest offerings in a setting that was both informative and engaging. A niche bra trial session was organized, providing a personalized experience that highlighted NIKE’s commitment to supporting women in sports through innovation in comfort and performance.

The event also featured a blooming bar offering amazing healthy treats, aligning with the theme of wellness and active living. This not only served as a refreshment area but also became a social hub, encouraging interaction among guests and fostering a sense of community.

One of the highlights of the event was the photo booth, designed to be the most fun and engaging experience. This feature not only captured the joy and energy of the event but also encouraged guests to share their experiences on social media, amplifying the launch’s visibility and impact.

Through careful planning and execution, the launch of the NIKE Women Club in Greece became a targeted, memorable event that not only introduced the N+TC app to a select group of women but also celebrated fitness, technology, and community in a dynamic and empowering setting.

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