YARD-Heracles @ Construction Expo

Heracles @ Construction Expo

Client: Heracles, Group of Companies – LafargeHolcim
Year: 2019

The drive to distinguish LafargeHolcim in a bustling expo environment fueled the design inspiration for their pavilion at the Construction Expo 2019. Drawing from the essence of a concrete quarry, the design sought to craft a unique, aesthetically pleasing space that would effectively underscore the scale and significance of the group's presence in the construction and architecture realms.

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The pavilion’s main entrance featured uphill walls on either side, evoking the atmosphere of entering a quarry. Here, a display of photographs chronicling the company’s rich history, intricately linked with the history of Greece, greeted visitors. Moving forward, two large meeting rooms with lounge setups provided a comfortable and engaging space. The main area of the pavilion allowed visitors to explore LafargeHolcim’s products and services. Finally, the exit featured the company’s signature cement bags, stacked on either side of the main aisle, symbolizing the journey from the entrance of the quarry to the final product.

The 192 sq.m. pavilion was constructed using materials reminiscent of the concrete plaques created by LafargeHolcim, prominently used in numerous large-scale constructions globally. Cement reinforcements served as decorative elements, instilling trust and confidence in visitors while effectively showcasing the group’s products. The brand’s recognition was reinforced with minimal, instantly recognizable logos on all four sides. The addition of plants, white furniture, and wooden elements created a welcoming environment for all attendees.

Four 8K screens displayed videos portraying the companies’ work, featuring employees, CSR programs, and large-scale projects. Complementing this, a 6m long bar offered coffee, refreshments, and drinks, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

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