YARD-Kotsovolos Thanks to Tech 2017

Kotsovolos Thanks to Tech 2017

Client: Momentum for Dixons South East Europe
Year: 2017

For the third consecutive year, we had the privilege of orchestrating Dixons South East Europe's flagship technological exhibition, a showcase heralding the future of household appliances. This year's theme, "parallel universes," provided a rich tapestry of inspiration, guiding us to conceive an exhibition space as boundless and intriguing as the outer reaches of space itself.

Embracing the theme's essence, we transformed the exhibition's entrance and main display area into a realm of celestial minimalism. This space was characterized by continuous, curved structures, each flowing seamlessly into the next, enveloped in a pristine white that evoked the vastness of the cosmos. Concealed LED lights were integrated within these structures, casting a soft, ethereal glow that subtly delineated the contours of the space, inviting visitors to explore the future of domestic technology in an environment that felt both expansive and intimate.

As attendees journeyed towards the exhibition’s conclusion, the ambiance shifted dramatically to embody the theme’s otherworldly contrast. The gaming area, set against the exhibition hall’s natural black backdrop, was transformed into a dark, atmospheric environment. This section was brought to life through strategic lighting, with a series of LED panels guiding visitors towards the exit. The stark transition from the luminous entrance to the shadowy depths of the gaming area mirrored the diverse potentialities of parallel universes, offering a tactile exploration of the theme.

With over 200 innovative exhibits and attracting 30,000 visitors across three weeks, the exhibition not only showcased the latest in smart household appliances, gadgets, TVs, and games but also made a profound statement on the future trajectory of technological integration into daily life. This year’s theme allowed us to push the boundaries of traditional exhibition design, creating a space that was not only a showcase but an immersive experience into the possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology and imagination.

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