YARD-New Acropolis Museum Opening Ceremony

New Acropolis Museum Opening Ceremony

Client: Ministry of Culture
Year: 2009

In overseeing an event marked by its demanding nature and national significance, our role spanned the comprehensive management and execution of a multifaceted agenda. Our responsibilities were extensive, catering to the seamless facilitation of 420 VIP guests, which demanded unparalleled attention to detail and the highest standards of hospitality. This endeavor required the harmonious coordination of various specialist teams, encompassing Hospitality, Transport, Creative, Audiovisual, and Live Coverage sectors, all pivotal to the event's success.

Our management scope was broad, covering the meticulous planning andexecution of both preliminary events and the main ceremony. This included thestrategic arrangement of seating for the opening ceremony, tailored toaccommodate protocol, guest preferences, and logistical considerations.Moreover, the event’s cultural and social dimensions were enhanced through theorganization of museum guided tours and the careful facilitation of dinnerarrangements, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for all attendees.

Through a holistic approach to project management, we ensured that everyaspect, from the nuanced details of guest experience to the overarching eventexecution, was conducted with utmost professionalism and quality. Thiscomprehensive strategy underscored our commitment to excellence, cementing theevent’s status as a landmark occasion of national importance.

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