YARD-Papastratos New Era

Papastratos New Era

Client: McCann Athens for Papastratos / Philip Morris International
Year: 2023

A New Era has dawned for Papastratos, a member of Philip Morris International.

For the Announcement Event, we were entrusted with the conceptual and creative planning, production design, and execution of the Papastratos New Era Announcement Event, held on Wednesday, 22 February 2023, at the Metropolitan Expo Hall, in collaboration with McCann Athens.

The Creative and Set Design treatment aligned with the ATL campaign, focusing on the concepts of “Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow,” transforming the venue into two experiential areas.

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The Presentations Hall was dedicated to “Yesterday & Today.” Noteworthy speeches and announcements were delivered by Mr. Christos Harpantidis, Vice President of Philip Morris International, South-East Europe, and Mr. Massimo Andolina, President Europe Region, Philip Morris International. They highlighted Papastratos’ actions over the past 7 years in society, economy, technology, and its people, the new 200 million investment, and the announcement of the new Managing Director of Papastratos, Mr. George Margonis, succeeding Mr. Christos Harpantidis.

After the presentations, the audience transitioned to the Futuristic Hall, dedicated to the “Future.” The Kinetic Installation show symbolized the company’s tech-advanced profile and the people behind it.

Following the show, the audience was surprised by a live performance of an inspirational song by a polyphonic choir. Accompanied by a 360 video installation show featuring the company’s employees’ portraits, the atmosphere was lifted. The mood transformed again with an immersive experiential party. A 360 projection show, tailor-made to depict the four main pillars of the Papastratos company, encapsulated the ensuing celebration. A live performance by Greek pop star Konstantinos Argyros, along with back-to-back DJ sets by two renowned DJs, provided entertainment.

The message was sent and well-received:
Dear Tomorrow, we are ready.

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