YARD-Piraeus Tower Christmas Illumination

Piraeus Tower Christmas Illumination

Client: DIMAND
Year: 2021

The Piraeus Tower stands as a perennial beacon in the port, serving as a steadfast reference point in the Piraeus area. For the second consecutive year, we had the privilege of designing and illuminating the historic 23rd-floor structure nestled at the heart of Piraeus. This year's challenge involved infusing a festive ambiance into the city for both Pireaus citizens and visitors, all while utilizing modern technology and lighting equipment amidst ongoing construction.

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We crafted a comprehensive lighting installation that bathed the entire building, extending seamlessly from the base to the pinnacle and from the interior to the exterior. Leveraging various technologies, we achieved an array of shapes, colors, and movements, transforming the building into a captivating spectacle. The warm indoor lighting design accentuated the building’s “soul,” celebrating everything this legendary structure represents for Piraeus and delivering an optimistic message for the future.

Event Awards 2021
Gold - Lighting Design / Physical
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