YARD-SingularityU Greece

SingularityU Greece "Reimagine” 2021 Summit

Client: Singularity University Greece
Year: 2021

YARD, in partnership with Singularity University Greece, undertook the design, planning, and execution of the 2021 virtual summit, REIMAGINE. The SingularityU Greece Summit is a prestigious business conference that unfolds over two days, featuring more than 10 hours of content daily, with 20+ speakers participating online and broadcasting live from the studio. The event attracted over 3500 attendees from around the world.

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In the face of challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the 2021 program aimed to open a window to the world of exponential technologies and explore ways to leverage them for growth and positive impact on both the business field and society. The event’s design and execution involved creating a powerful set that could accommodate both physical and virtual appearances by renowned speakers, employing the latest modern technologies to ensure a seamless and impactful experience for participants.

Event Awards 2022
Gold - Virtual Event Solution
Ermis Awards 2022
Silver - Virtual Events
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