YARD-Proorismos Papastratos

Proorismos Papastratos

Client: Papastratos / Philip Morris International
Year: 2016

The objective was to revitalize the dormant premises of the historic Greek tobacco brand Papastratos at Piraeus, transforming it into a contemporary event venue with modern aesthetics. The ambitious project involved the complete overhaul of a 5,000 sq.m. area that had been closed for over a decade. To achieve this, an in-depth exploration of the brand's history and its dynamic impact on Greek society and the economy was undertaken. The resulting venue, named "Proorismos Papastratos," was designed with a distinct identity.

The revamped space was intelligently divided into three sections. The old printing premises were converted into a museum, showcasing hundreds of authentic exhibits and vivid illustrations depicting the brand’s rich history. The storage area was bifurcated into two venues: one representing the “Present” with dynamic videos, impressive LED screens, touch screen technology, and large-scale branding, and the other portraying the “Future” in a chamber adorned with real plants and natural materials, introducing the brand’s revolutionary product IQOS.

The outdoor yard featured custom furniture, specially designed bar facilities, and catering stations for event services. An original stage for live performances was also incorporated. Since its inauguration in June 2016, “Proorismos Papastratos” has successfully hosted over 10 events, welcoming more than 10,000 guests, marking a vibrant resurgence of the historic space.

Event Awards 2017
Gold - Best Exhibitions
Gold - Design/Branding
Ermis Awards 2016
Grand Ermis - Production
Gold - Design & Construction Development
Gold - Venue Branding
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