YARD-The Ellinikon Webinar: Masterplan

The Ellinikon Webinar: Masterplan

Client: The Ellinikon / Lamda Development
Year: 2021

In the Fall 2021, Lamda Development chose to proceed with the webinars concerning the largest urban regeneration project in Greece, The Ellinikon. This time they did not focus on one single development, but decided to inform the general public on the whole project focusing on the main areas of interest that will shape the area in the next five years.

Once again, in collaboration with V&O, we were asked to film and produce a 30-minute webinar that would keep all the elements that made the first webinars unique and, simultaneously, elevate the overall viewing experience. The format was kept intact. Lamda Development’s CEO and their Chief Planning and Constructions Officer were the main speakers that presented the vision and explained in detail what is to become of the former Athens International Airport grounds.

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This time around though viewers were introduced to The Ellinikon Masterplan. The 3D mock up of The Ellinikon came to life inside the studio and was used to delve deeper into each part of the project. To accomplish this, we collaborated with London-based DBOX, who were in charge of producing 3D renders of the Masterplan, based on deep research of the area and examining the planners’ and architects’ studies. Advanced camera tracking and creative tools of cinematography were used to accommodate the specific need of making The Ellinikon part of the set design.

Moreover, we deployed the use of animated videos to make sure the vision and technical details of The Ellinikon are communicated in the most comprehensive way possible. This, along with lifestyle footage and impressive graphics and 3D VFX made for the most immersive viewing experience yet. The overall understanding of the project’s magnitude was also conveyed through a short video showing the works that have been going on in the area in the past year.

Once again, the webinar premiered on YouTube in Greek and English, while invited journalists were able to view on a dedicated platform where they were able to submit their questions about the themes discussed.

Watch the complete webinar here: https://youtu.be/U6o0EToUo-A

Director – Nicholas Dimitropoulos
DoP – Ramon Malapetsas
3D Animation – Christos Magganas
Graphics Animation – Mascista
Masterplan 3D Animation – DBOX
Editing & Post Production – Kent Films
Color Correction – Manthos Sardis
Sound Design – Stavros Gasparatos

Event Awards 2022
Gold - Event Series / Brand Consistency
Gold - Digital Experience
Silver - Video & Graphics
Ermis Awards 2022
Silver - Virtual Events
Event Awards 2021
Silver - Event Series / Brand Consistency / Virtual
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