YARD-Vassilisis Sofias Lights

Vassilisis Sofias Lights

Client: Onassis Cultural Foundation for the Municipality of Athens
Year: 2019

Designing and installing a conceptual light installation for one of Athens' most prominent highways during the 2019 Christmas season was a project that intertwined the festive spirit with the essence of innovation. This endeavor, part of the "Adopt your city" initiative by the Onassis Cultural Foundation and the Municipality of Athens, sought to encapsulate the magic of Christmas through the medium of light—abundant, clean, and free, mirroring the unbounded potential of the innovative spirit to unite, illuminate, and create.

Our installation was conceived to complement the natural flow of the street, transforming it into a luminous pathway in perpetual motion. Through changing colors, shapes, and forms, bright lines danced under the starlit sky, bringing warmth to the heart of the city and charting an optimistic path into the new year. This artistic expression was carefully designed to honor the existing architecture and lighting of the city, offering a minimalist yet tailor-made solution that added to the urban fabric without overwhelming it.

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Over a period of four months, dedicated to the development and design of the project, we installed 612 luminaires of varying sizes. These lights framed the aerial ambiance along Vassilisis Sofias Avenue, extending from the Dromeas sculpture near the Hilton Hotel to Akadimias Street. The entire system was segmented into 4 networks, spanning a total distance of 1200 meters, with each of the 612 custom-made luminaires designed and manufactured in Greece. These luminaires were equipped to independently manage color and intensity, utilizing 4 color channels (RGBW) for a total of 2448 unique control channels.

The sophistication of the installation was matched by its control system, supplied by the Dutch company Casambi, renowned for its pioneering work in wireless lighting management via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This cutting-edge technology allowed for seamless operation and flexibility, ensuring that the installation not only enhanced the visual appeal of the Athenian city center during the festive season but also represented a fusion of tradition and innovation, light and community, during the most magical time of the year.

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